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BJ Prince riding Saddle Bronc at St-TiteRO•DEO | Ro-de-o: Is one of the most historic forms of North American pageantry and competition still practiced today. It features the raw skills, determination, teamwork and danger that was so prevalent in the settling of our Country so many years ago. Today's rodeo performances of cowboys and cowgirls continue to showcase those skills and talents in an effort to preserve the culture and quality of the North American Cowboy!

The beginnings of rodeo can be traced back to the ranches of the early 1700s, when Spanish cattlemen, known as vaqueros, would influence the American cowboy settling the Americas with their clothing, language, traditions and equipment which would in turn influence the modern sport of rodeo. Duties on these early ranches included roping, horse breaking, riding, herding, branding, and much more.

These activities remain the same today on modern ranches all-be-it with modern methods and equipment. These ranch chores would evolve directly into the rodeo events featured at rodeos today.

The Rawhide Rodeo Company has been producing rodeos and rodeo related events for over three decades. It has grown from a small professional rodeo company to one of the largest and most accredited in the World, now producing over 100 rodeo performances a year Internationally. As a company, Rawhide Rodeo delivers the product of rodeo to millions of people each year, giving them a taste of the history and culture from which our Country was built.


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